A little bit about me…

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So after attempting to start a blog a couple of years ago (and failing) I thought I would have another go, as it is something I always picture myself doing and loving.

A little bit about me,
I was born in Germany, this was due to my Dads job. I’ve moved around a lot, lived in Australia and been very lucky to have visited many different countries. I love spending time with my Family, friends and boyfriend. I am currently in my first year of University, studying Fashion Design in Leeds, and so far i’m LOVING it!

I want this blog to be something I can reflect on in the future and write about my life right now, as a uni student. I want to record all the stuff I get up to, whether it be with friends, family, Uni pals etc. As well as all this, I would love to post about beauty and fashion (makes sense hey!)

So, lets see how this goes! I hope you all enjoy reading  my blogs and seeing what I get up to.

Until next time,
M x

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