University so far..


I thought I would take some time to write about Uni so far, things I like and dislike, what it’s like to live away from home, and generally just to maybe help anyone who is considering University but doesn’t really know how to feel.

Unlike most people I know, I have moved houses A LOT of times, so moving away from home to somewhere new was something that didn’t really phase me as I’d been through it many times. The one thing that I was worried about was how I would cope on my own, cooking for myself, cleaning my clothes, all the adulty things that parents do!-also being so far away from my family. I’m very lucky that my boyfriend also studies at the same University, so I had the comfort of already knowing someone when I got there and he has been so supportive and helped me if I was struggling and has been a general rock to me, i’m very lucky.

One thing I have found most difficult about Uni life is fitting in, finding a group of people who you click with. This is something I have struggled with ever since I left school, and I also think that because I’ve struggled with it before, I think to much into things and make it harder for myself. Everyone’s different but one thing I would say is stick to who you are, don’t change to fit in with anyone, people will like you for being you. Saying that, I have found a lovely group of people on my course and a group of people that I am going to be living with next year in the CUTEST little house! I’m so excited!!

I love my course (Fashion Design), It’s so creative and you can really be yourself and do what you want. However, there are modules that already I dislike, and some I love! The modules I dislike is purely because they’re my weak points- drawing, not my strongest point! Pattern cutting on the other hand, I love. I love seeing garments I’ve designed come to life and seeing it through the construction process. I am currently towards the end of a shirt project that will actually be used in an exhibition, so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on that to come soon!

As far as student accommodation goes, I think I’m pretty lucky to live where I live! My accommodation is pretty much right in the centre of Leeds, so for shopping, it’s great! I live on the 22nd floor, so as you can imagine, the views are amazing. My flat is lovely and my room is so cosy too which I think helped me to settle in. TIP: Make your uni room as homely and cosy as possible, I promise you it helps you settle in and makes you feel like its a proper ‘home away from home’. 

As i’m writing this, I’m almost at the end of my first semester, and I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! I have already made some amazing memories, and had some awesome nights out. I cannot wait for whats to come.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this little insight into uni life (I promise its really not bad at all, the freedom is great!).

Until next time,

M x



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