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My current favourites!


I know it has been a while- apologies for that. I thought I would get started by wishing you all a Happy New Year- hope it was a good one for you all! As you may have guessed from this title, this blog post is on my current favourite products. I have a mixture of lifestyle and beauty products to share with you, so please keep reading!

My new years resolution is to drink more water and this water bottle is something I was given for christmas. I find it really handy because it tells you how much water you should be drinking in a day, and by what time. It is a good size and travels well too. Something else I really like about this  bottle is that fact it has a straw, for me, this is just something I prefer and I find I drink more if its with a straw. They would be perfect for the Gym, or even if you just work around the house of in an office. I also love how each bottle has different motivational quotes on them too, They come in a variety of different colours and and sizes. I think mine was about £13 for 900ml bottle, but I will leave a link below if you’re interested.  

The next product is a recent purchase, an invisi-bobble. I never really saw the hype of these because they’re a bit weird looking for something to tie your hair up with right? Anyway, I was browsing in Leeds the other day and came across them. I read the packaging to see what they are all about and I don’t know about you, but I quite often get headaches when I usually tie my hair up and they said that they ‘avoid headaches’ so I was instantly more interested in trying them, as well as finding out that they’re traceless, meaning no bumps in your hair when you remove the bobble, genius. When I got home I tried it out and I was very impressed- I was expecting it to just slide out of my hair but the grip is really good and less headaches- even better! They come in 3 different colours, Black, Brown or clear, they were £4 for three to which I didn’t find too bad!


Moving onto some beauty bits and bobs, specifically, make up pallets. I was given one of these for christmas, and then other was just a little treat to myself.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar- 
Firstly the smell. Oh. My. Goodness. Who knew that it would actually smell like chocolate!? I always thought that was a lie, but wow. The colours also, are gorgeous and very me. I tend to stick to neutral colours like the browns and they beiges as I think this is what suits me the best and I think this palette is really good because of the range of browny tones. I also really like how there are some other colours in there like the Burgandy’s and Purples- Lots of choice! My favourite ‘go to’ shades at the moment would be Salted caramel, Marzipan, Semi-sweet and Triples fudge– These colours blended altogether look sooooo nice.

Morphe 35OS-
I have been eyeing up this palette for some time now and when it finally came back into stock on Beauty Bay, I just couldn’t resist! I was SO happy with how quick the delivery was and when it came I just instantly loved it. They are all glitter based, although some have more of a shimmer rather than glitter, so personally I think you would need some matte shades to bring an eye look together so that it is not to OTT- saying that, I believe there is a matte shade palette that goes with this one, so even if you love the colours but are not a fan of glitter, this is something that you could try out. They are very pigmented and so easy to use, so what’s not to love?! (This is currently not in stock on Beauty Bay, so I couldn’t leave a link- sorry!)


So, there you have it, my current favourites! I really hope you all enjoyed reading this post.

Until next time,

M x

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