Making your uni room feel homely

As Uni halls can be quite daunting and lonely I think it’s important to make your room feel as homely and cosy as possible, and doing this has made me feel so much more at home. In my accommodation we have a pin board (and I know most others do to) and Paperchase have some of the CUTEST postcards. So I decided to put 2 and 2 together and go out and buy some that  I could pin on my board to make my room feel nice and cosy.

I tended to chose the ones with lots of colour and also some nice motivational quotes, so it is something positive to look at everyday as well as loving them all! As well as my little ‘start up collection’, my parents and my Boyfriend have started getting me some that fit in really nicely to my board and my personality.

To complete my board, I thought putting some fairy lights around it would make it look super cute and chilled at night. These White Rose ones are particularly nice as they look cute even when they’re not lit and add nice decoration to it.


I really hope you all enjoyed reading this post and has given you a few simple ideas on how you can make your uni room feel a lot less boring!

Until next time,

M x


Links for what I mentioned in the blog:
Fairy lights-


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