Exploring a little bit of Leeds…

This weekend myself, my boyfriend, flat mate, and her boyfriend decided to explore a little bit of Leeds together. My flat mate had heard that The Corn Exchange in Leeds was meant to be really nice, so we decided to go there and see what it was like!



It is basically a massive dome building. It reminded me a bit of Covent Garden with all the independent shops and little cafes and it just looked really aesthetically pleasing. We wandered round a bit to see what was there, and we couldn’t really find as many cafes as we thought there would be, but we did find one and we decided to settle for that.

The cafe we found  was super cute and did your standard paninis and cakes etc. I decided to go for the pesto, tomato and mozzarella panini and it was deeeeeelicious! Once we had filled our tummies with yummy food, we decided to wander around into a few of the shops to see what was about. Some of the shops were really cute, with cards and gifts in, others were tattoo shops, vintage clothing, hairdressers, other bits and bobs, as well as a craft fair- basically, something for everyone, which is always good!

One of my favourite shops we went into sold loose tea. For anyone that knows me, knows how much I love tea. ALL of them smelt absolutely amazing, and I could have honestly stayed there all day. I decided I’d try one out and see if they taste as good as they smell. I picked up this Rhubarb one and I’m so excited to try it! If it tastes anywhere near as good as it smells then I know i’m going to love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little adventure,

Until next time,

M x

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