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Current Products I’ve Been Loving… 

As these are the kind of blog posts I personally love reading, and also writing myself, I thought I would share with you all some products/ clothing that I have been loving recently!

First up is this Almond milk & Honey body lotion which you can get Here! This body lotion smells absolutely AMAZING and the scent stays on your skin hours after you’ve applied it. I love how this body lotion is lightweight, and not sticky at all, which is something I hate about moisturisers/ body lotions because you have to wait ages for it to soak up otherwise your clothes just stick to your skin. This body lotion is fab because it doesn’t do that! It’s fast absorbing and it spreads well so you don’t have to use up loads of product. It’s also pretty cheap for a body lotion (I think) £8.50 from Body Shop!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The next product I have been loving is a Tangle Teezer  , they have been around for ages but I never really thought much of them. I just thought they were an overpriced hair brush but actually they’re really good, they get knots out of your hair so easily and it doesn’t even hurt and if you’re someone like me who has long hair that’s always getting tangled- I would highly recommend you buying one of these! I also LOVE the print on the brush. This particular one is in collaboration with Skinny Dip and I love their other products and the patterns so I just had to get it! I got this from Topshop for £13.50

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Having recently just moved into my new student house, I thought i’m definitely in need of some candles as last year in halls I couldn’t light any for health and safety reasons, and it’s something I surprisingly missed. There’s something about candles that are so relaxing so I went out in search for some. This one was from Home Sense for £2.99 (absolute bargain). Home sense have a huge range of candles that smell amazing and are so cheap- I was stood there for ages just smelling them all. I decided on this one because I loved the packaging (Suitable to this blog!!) and obviously it had to smell good for me to buy it! It smells very fresh, and not too strong, so it won’t be over powering. I will definitely be heading back there to buy more as they are so reasonably priced. I think a 3 wick candle was something crazy like £7.99!

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I’m absolutely in love with this skirt, and it is so perfect for summer (when it’s actually hot) This skirt is from Hollister and was £29, which I think is a good price considering this is a statement piece for your wardrobe, and you can wear it all year round. I definitely think I will be getting a lot of use out of this skirt!  I love the ripped detail on this skirt and also the distressed look at the bottom. One feature I do really like as well is how the pockets go a little bit longer than the skirt, I think it adds to the ‘distressed’ look. This skirt will go with absolutely anything as is perfect for festivals, or just everyday wear in summer!


As we’ve moved onto Denim, I thought I would add my denim jacket into my favourites as I have been wearing it basically every day since I bought it. This jacket was from ASOS for £40, which is quite expensive, but like I said, I have worn it SO much, so I think I can justify it! This jacket is oversized which I love, and it goes with absolutely everything I own. It’s a statement piece in my wardrobe and if i’m struggling to pair a jacket with an outfit, I can rely on this jacket to pull it all together. Everyone needs atleast one denim jacket in their wardrobe, am I right?

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The final product that I have been loving is this perfume from Zara. It smells amazing and was only £9.99, which for 100ml of perfume isn’t bad at all!! I love the packaging as it is easy to fit into your bag and use whenever throughout the day. All perfumes in Zara are lovely and very cheap too so if you’re looking for a daily perfume to keep in your handbag, I would recommend having a look in Zara!

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Until next time,

M x

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