Hand Luggage Travel Essentials…

Holiday season is here so I thought I would share with you all the bits and pieces I find essential to travel with.

First up, its a no brainer really… your passport. A definite essential along with all travel documents such as tickets, paperwork and money, all of which I like to keep together, so this ‘Bon Voyage’ purse is really handy.

My next essential would be my laptop, headphones (and phone). These keep me occupied during the flight and I love to either listen to music or watch a film. My eye mask also comes in handy as I like to nap, and catching an early flight can make us sleepy too so, for me, an eye mask is a must!

Being up in the air can cause your skin to go dry, so to prevent this as much as I can, I always pack a lip balm and a hand cream. These two are my all time faves. My trusty papaw is always good for dry lips and my Kiehls hand cream works wonders for dry hands- sorted! Another essential for me is a nail file. I have such weak nails so I always tend to carry one, but who says you can’t have a bit of a pamper on a plane?!

When I land at my holiday destination, I have to have my sunglasses close to hand for grabbing out and protecting my eyes from the sun, and to really feel like you’re now on holiday (anyone else get those feels?!)

Last but not least, is a book. I’m not usually the biggest reader, but on holidays I always try to take a book and read it. It’s something I’d love to get more into and so this holiday will be my mission to read as much of this book as possible! (Wish me luck).

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Products mentioned: Travel documents holder, Headphones, Eye mask, Papaw (Similar), Hand cream, Sunglasses, Book.

I hope this blog may have been useful to some of you, and if any of you are jetting off to nice places, I hope you all have an amazing time.

Until next time,

M x



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