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Diana, her fashion story…

Yesterday, I took a trip to London with my family to visit some exhibitions as part of my summer work for university. Of the 2 that we visited, the Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace was my favourite.

We got to Kensington Palace and instantly saw the gorgeous garden that had been planted for Princess Diana’s 20th anniversary, it was stunning. The gardens were full of White flowers (i’m rubbish at types of flowers, so, sorry!) and there was a lovely water fountain in the middle. You couldn’t actually go into the garden as it was all gated off, but you could walk round under a lovely tunnel of plants.

After admiring the gardens we went into the Palace. The exhibition was full of famous outfits she wore, such as the dress she wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House (Left), a dress worn for an official portrait photograph with Prince Charles (Middle) and an outfit she asked for two of to be made for her Honey Moon (Right).

On all of the walls there were so many quotes; from people who she worked with and designed her clothes, to well known designers such as Valentino. It was all very touching to see how looked up too she really was, and still is.



I loved seeing all of the outfits that she wore and how you could see all the beautiful details on the dresses. My favourite dress that was displayed was this gorgeous white one. I think the detail is absolutely incredible and it looks so elegant. This dress was carefully selected by the Princess to honour host nations on official visits. The designer she worked with closely, Catherine Walker, embellished the dress.


There were so many more dresses and outfits that she wore, but if I were to include all of the pictures, we’d be here for a while! The exhibition was a lovely tribute to Princess Diana, and to anyone who lives in or will be visiting London, I would highly recommend you going to see it. The exhibition is on until 2019 and different outfits will be put in, and some taken out, including her wedding dress.

This was one of the quotes that was on the wall as we walked into the Exhibition, and it is so very true and touching.



Until next time,

M x

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