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My Go-to Jumpers…

As Winter is upon us, I thought I would share with you all my favourite jumpers to turn to on the colder days. I don’t know about you, but I’m such a jumper person, they’re so snuggly and cosy and ahhhh… I just love ’em.

This first jumper is a new buy and as soon as I saw it on the website, I knew I had to get it! My two favourite colours in a jumper? Yes please!
I love slogan clothing in general, and this one was definitely suited for me. I picked this up from Zara for £29.99 which I don’t think is too bad when I know that I will get so much wear out of it. Its super cosy and I love the detail of the raw edges on the neckline, sleeve and hem.


This jumper, I actually got last year and it’s definitely a jumper I will always turn too around this time of year. What I love most about it, is that you can wear it with a causal outfit, and equally dress it up a little bit more for meals etc. but still be warm and cosy (it’s a win win!) . The turtle neck is the cosiest thing ever and makes such a good replacement scarf on colder days. I love the little detail of the cold shoulder also, as it adds something different and moves away from it just being a plain jumper. This jumper is from Hollister and, as it was last year, I don’t think they have the exact ones, but you can find similar ones here and here !


This jumper has to be one of my faves because it just screams fun to me! I love the colour combos and all the different details, from the different types of knit to, rips and the ‘lace up’ style feature on the arms and side. I’m not usually one to buy or wear yellow, but there was just something about the colour on this jumper that made me absolutely love it! This jumper was £42 from River Island (The link takes you to it on ASOS because I couldn’t find it on RI) and yes, that’s quite pricey, BUT I love it so much and I know that I will get so much wear out of it, and it will be a jumper that will keep coming out every year.


This jumper is one of my go-to’s for when i’m having a more chilled day and want to be cosy and warm. It has super soft fleecing inside so it keeps me SO warm. This jumper was from Topshop. It’s normally £32 but I used student discount and got this cheaper. I love the simpleness to it, because let’s be honest… everyone needs a ‘simple’ jumper that they can just throw on whenever!



Until next time,

M x

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