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Snow Day!…

I don’t know about you, but I love the snow. There’s just something so magical about it that makes me extremely happy. Everything looks so much better in snow, so much prettier too, I love it, even if I do hate the cold. When it comes to snow I’m like a child! Waking up to the snow this morning I was so excited to look out of the window and see snow, I felt like such a kid again, and even more so at the fact even Uni was cancelled… Yay- snow day! Instead of going out to play in the snow, as I would’ve done when I was a little younger, I grabbed a cup of tea and watched the people having snowball fights and making snowmen, whilst I was snuggled up in bed in the warm.  However, a bit later on I did persuade my boyfriend to come out with me in the snow, just to say we had been out in it!

The view from outside my window was super pretty, and I just couldn’t not take a picture!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Just a quick little blog from me today, sorry for being absent from here for a while; Uni work has well and truly taken over my life! I hope you have all enjoyed the snow today, whether that be on a snow day or after work – stay safe and wrap up warm!

Until next time,

M x


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