A little life update!…

Hello all!

So sorry for my lack of posts in the recent months, I have been super busy with Uni work and didn’t really have much time to type away on my blog!

This year has been very hectic with Uni, applying for placements, looking for a new flat and just general life… so here’s a little update.

I have just finished my second year at University, which I have loved (even though i’ve had next to no social life because of all the ongoing work, but i’m sure i’m not alone in that). Our most recent module was written by a fashion designer called Bethany Williams, and we worked really close with her, that was a great experience to get an outside opinion of our work and how we can improve etc. I have also managed to secure myself a placement for my third year which I will start next month. It’s a Junior Design role, and I’m very excited to start and see what working in the fashion industry is really like, as well as being hands on and learning more about the industry. As well as starting a placement, my boyfriend and I have found a cute little flat which we are both excited to move into!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.32.55

My best friend from Australia came over in April which was THE loveliest thing as we hadn’t seen each other for 8 years! We met up in London with my Mum, sister and Step-Dad for the day which was really nice (however the weather was typical of England) and we caught up with all we had missed out on over the last 8 years. She then came back to Leeds for the weekend with my sister and we explored Leeds and York. It proved to me that true friendship knows no distance as it felt like we had never been apart.

I have recently just got back from a holiday to Turkey with my Dad, Step-Mum, step-brother and sister, my sister and my boyfriend which was amazing and very much needed! We did a lot of chilling, and not much else! The hotel was lovely and there was so much to do so it suited everyone!

As soon as we got back from holiday, my boyfriend and I were straight into wedding mode as his sister got married! It was such a lovely day and both Bride and Groom looked amazing!


And that brings us to now! I feel like already, this year has gone so fast. I’m excited for the rest of this year, and to see what it brings!

Until next time,

M x

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