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Let’s talk about skincare…

Skin care is SO important and it it something that I didn’t really have a routine of until I started uni in 2016 (bad I know) but now, I couldn’t imagine not having a skin care routine in my life as part of my every day ‘things to do’. For all of my skincare, I swear by The Body Shop products as they all leave my skin feeling super fresh.

First up, my morning skincare routine. These are the three products I have to use, but not all together. The first thing I do every morning is shower and wash my face with the Aloe calming facial wash. If i’m having a non makeup day, I will use the Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser, and thats it. This moisturiser instantly gives your face a natural and healthy looking glow and it also smells super good. The second moisturiser is the Vitamin E moisture cream. This is the moisturise I will always put on before putting on any makeup. I also love this one as it’s really light weight and doesn’t sit on your face and make it sticky. The last product I will sometimes use as part of my morning routine is the Tea tree mattifying  lotion. I will only add this into my routine if my skin is being problematic. I usually pop this on my T-zone underneath my makeup as it provides hydration to my skin, without clogging my pores.




At the end of the day, I always make sure I take my makeup off as this is SO IMPORTANT for your skin so that it can breathe overnight instead of your pores getting clogged which makes your skin dirty and more likely to get spots. I take my makeup off with this Camomile cleansing butter. This stuff works wonders and I would never go back to using anything else because this stuff works like a dream! I pop this on my face and then with a warm cloth, remove my makeup. This product is great because it literally just melts off your makeup and is so quick and easy. Once the makeup is off, I like to use a cream cleanser and a toner just to get rid of any other impurities that are on my face, for this I just use a cotton pad and wipe the product onto my face.



I hope you enjoyed reading into what I use for my skin care, please let me know of anything you’d like me to blog about as I’m super open to suggestions! Check out my last blog post too if you missed it -> Disney Land Paris 

Until next time,

M x

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