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In January, myself, my sister and my dad went to Dubai for some winter sun. I have never been to Dubai before but it is now up there as one of my favourite places I have visited. We went for 4 days and we managed to do so much in the time we were there!

We were lucky enough to stay at the Atlantis which was breathtakingly beautiful; I could have sat and watched all the fish in their aquarium for HOURS. We spent our first day at the water park, going on all the rides and doing a little bit of sunbathing here and there. My favourite ride has to be the rapids as they were so relaxing, but I also loved the slide where you ended up coming out into a mini aquarium of stingrays, sharks and fish… that was pretty cool! f3d7bf25-403a-49b7-968a-bb7c97b4a602.jpg

On the first night, we decided to head to the Burj Khalifa to see the light show and the night-time water fountain, blimey that building is tall!! The light show was incredible as were the water fountains, it all looked so beautiful. However, looking up to the top of the Burj Khalifa did make me feel a bit uneasy as I’m scared of heights, but it really is a stunning building.

We couldn’t have come to Dubai without taking a day trip to the Desert, so that’s what we did. We went sand bashing in the Dunes first of all (having to stop a lot because I felt VERY car sick… still worth it though!)

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At the end of our sand bashing experience, we got the chance to do some sand boarding down the dunes which was a lot harder than I thought it would be. First attempt, I think I ended up sliding half way down the dunes on my bum, but my second attempt was a success and I made it down! That was super fun, and definitely a highlight for me.

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We got to watch the sunset in the Desert which was stunning and we were then taken to a little camp where we got to ride a Camel, watch some cultural dancing and eat yummy food… a perfect end to the day.

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On our third day, we had another full day out exploring Dubai. We went to the Dubai Miracle Gardens which were amazing. For those that don’t know its a garden full of floral sculptures, including all the Disney characters along with houses, animals and aeroplanes (Emirates of course). The flowers change seasonally so they’re always putting in new instalments which I love. You can imagine how good it smelt there too!

After exploring the Miracle garden, we headed to the world’s biggest mall… Dubai Mall.  It was like a maze, but has absolutely every shop you could ever imagine (or near enough) from high street shops, to designer, to food, to makeup.. you could spend HOURS! I didn’t actually buy anything in the Mall, but we did stop off at the Cheesecake factory for a well earned ‘break from shopping’ hehe.

Whilst at Dubai Mall, we went into the Apple store to get a better view of the water fountain show in daylight. It was different to the night show which was good, but equally as amazing, if you’re ever planning to go to Dubai, I would definitely recommend going to both.


Now you wouldn’t have visited Dubai unless you see a bit more of their traditional culture, right?! Our next stop was in old town Dubai and we wondered round the souks. Lemme tell you, that was an experience and a half! The shop sellers kept trying to sell my sister and I their cashmere scarves and would put them around our necks just whilst we were walking, so after some dodging and ducking… we made it out! But aside from that, I find souks really interesting and so nice to walk around, the ones we went to smelt lovely as they were all selling loads of different spices.


To end off another perfect day, we headed to the Madinat which had some more souks but they weren’t like the traditional ones we had just been too. Again, if you’re ever planning to visit Dubai, the Madinat is beautiful. It’s a collection of hotels all together, with lots of restaurants and a river going through it that you can go on a boat ride on, and is right near the Burj Al Arab, so you can get some gorgeous views of that too. We then decided to get as close to the Burj Al Arab as we could to watch the sunset next to it, which is exactly what we did. Like I said, the perfect end to a perfect day.

I would really recommend Dubai for a place to go, especially for some winter sun, because the weather was juuuuust right! I’d already love to go back because there is so much more to see and do there.

Until next time,

M x

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