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Cheltenham Festival…

For mine and my boyfriends 21st’s, his parents got us tickets to go to Cheltenham Festival together which has always been something we’ve wanted to go to.

We were lucky enough to not only get to experience everything at Cheltenham Festival, but to also be able to go into the paddock and watch the horses being saddled up before the Gold Cup and to also be in the parade ring to watch the race which was an incredible experience! The whole day was amazing, we got to meet jockeys and we also bumped into Chris Hughes, and I’ve got to say, he’s a lovely guy.



My boyfriend and I love going to the races, but Cheltenham was nothing like I could’ve ever imagined. Although the weather wasn’t amazing, the atmosphere was and it was bigger than any racecourse we’ve ever been too so we were just in awe the whole time! Unlucky for us, we picked out 0 winners (although I did have 2nd EW in the Gold Cup) but that seemed such a small part of the day with everything we got to experience. It was also super interesting to see horse racing from the owner and trainers point of view, and how passionate they all are about the sport. We had the chance to go into the winners enclosure too with a horse that placed in one of the races, and that was just incredible.


It was such an amazing day and we both had so much fun, despite the early start and all the queuing at the train station. But we made new memories and we definitely want to come back next year, and also go to the Grand National at some point!


Until next time,

M x


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