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The upside-down house…

Recently I went down south to visit my Dad and I had seen on Instagram about this upside down house and did some research as to where they were and I was happy to find out there was one in Bournemouth where my dad lives!

We got to the house and it was tinyyyy, we went in and I felt soo dizzy because it was all so strange (you’re warned you may get motion sickness when you get there) but it was so cool. Everything was on the ceiling and it’s quite a weird feeling. We all kept holding onto things, and standing funny to see what illusion it would give after. How it works is that once you’ve taken the photo, you rotate it so that the furniture is the right way and it looks like you’re flying or doing a handstand on furniture etc, super fun! There was a member of staff in the house who kept telling us the best poses to stand in for the best looking illusions, so that was really fun too. At one point he told me to do a handstand against the wall and due to the floor being on a slope I just ended up falling over!

The upside down houses are located in Lakeside Essex, the triangle Bournemouth, Brighton and Adventure Wonderland Christchurch. If you live in or are visiting any of these locations I would recommend going to visit them! All of the houses are decorated differently and they also change seasonally. It’s so much fun to do with friends, families and even for small children!

Let me know if any of you do go, i’d love to see your pictures!

Until next time,
M x

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