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My placement year…

I recently finished my year in industry working as a design assistant for a fashion outerwear suppliers company, and I wanted to share my experiences with you all, especially if you’re currently at university and have the option to do a placement year but are unsure whether too or not.

First of all my main piece of advice would be GO FOR IT! Even if your best friends on your course aren’t doing one, don’t let it stop you. On the other hand though, don’t do a placement just for the sake of it and to earn money. In my opinion, if you find a placement opportunity for something you love doing/ can see yourself doing in the future then by all means go ahead, but if you’re doing it for the sake of it and its not something you enjoy, it may be a very long year.

My experience of my placement was one I’ll never forget, the team who I worked with were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and made me feel so welcome. When I was in the process of applying to do placements I was applying for fashion QA roles as I thought this was my strength at uni. I went for a few interviews and was unsuccessful, until the company that I got my placement at handed my CV over to the design team, and I’m so glad they did!! After working there and seeing the role of a QA I realised I was glad I never got the other roles as I knew they wouldn’t be for me!

Some placements can just get you to make teas and coffees for the office but at my placement, this wasn’t the case. I was made to feel like part of the team and given lots of different responsibilities within the business. I can honestly say I learnt so much in my year of placement, from working with different customers who have different customer profiles, to communicating with people in the Far East, and learning about how fast things can change in an office environment and even just how fast paced the fashion industry really is!

Throughout my placement, I have also gained so much more confidence within myself and also within my work, which I think will really help me going into my final year of university.

I hope this post may have helped any of you with the decision of doing a placement, you will gain the experience that uni cannot give you to prepare for jobs after uni.

Until next time,

M x



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